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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 10, 2013 2:00am-3:00am EST

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boing, rambunctious greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: the gun debate continues to rage in washington and is now reportedly at the top of president obama's priority list. today, vice president biden met with gun control groups and gun violence victims. tomorrow he is going to sit down with the nra. the administration looks to move quickly, even if it means circumventing congress. >> the president is going to act. execbetive action can be taken. we haven't decided what yet but we are compiling it all with help from the attorney gen and the rest of the
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cabinet members. as well as legislative action, we believe is required. >> dana: so, bob, let me start with you. you have done legislative affairs for a white house. if you are trying to get a big piece of bipartisan legislation passed through congress do you think it's a good idea that you are planning to circumvent them in the end anyway? >> bob: i'm not sure it's the best strategy you can use. but look, some of this has to be done by executive order because you would never get it through congress. the other thing is the public division here. there are those of us who believe that these things, guns, a lot of guns, in my view all handguns ought to be eliminated. i understand majority of people don't belief that. >> dana: the white house says they don't believe that. >> bob: i know. they don't go far enough. that is not the point. they are sitting down with the nra. i think the chances of carrying a bill through congress on this issue, the reason they -- they don't want the memory of newtown to go
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away. >> dana: politico reported that the administration, this is their top priority, they will get it done. i understand. i said after the newtown shooting that this could be action forcing event, that they try to get something done. do you think there is a possibility that the white house, given vice president biden's comments don't want legislation passed but they want republicans to voice opposition to legislation, so they can brow-beat them over the head with it. >> eric: i think they are going to try -- my personal view is first of all, can i address something you said, bob. they really should use executive order because they'd never get it through congress. isn't what the country is founded on? the constitution. two days ago you said forget the constitution, rewrite it. now you're saying circumvent it through the executive order. on the document, we still believe in the document. >> kimberly: unless you care about political losers and winners. >> eric: they will make it a money issue. that is why -- they bring in the nra because they have to.
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they will bring the big retailers, they'll bring wal-mart to the white house. bass pro shops to see if they can get the big businesses who sell the guns to say yes, we are on board. they'll do better companies so they will do better and they have a responseability to the bottom line to agree to some of these things. that's how they will do it. that would circumvent the will of the people. >> dana: do you think the white house invited nra to the white house because they had to or interested to hear what they have to say? they met with video game makers. >> greg: the illusion of a balanceded approach. the danger of symbolic actions is they cater to political aspirations while not doing anything about the real problem, which is defending or protecting kids. to me this is about scoring points than safety. what we can all agree on, nobody here wants crazy people with guns. the problem with the left is they say everybody with a gun
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is crazy. that hinders progress. that hippedders any kind of cooperation between the two sides. people wonder why do people cling to their guns? because they hear people like bob say we're going to take away your guns. >> bob: i didn't say that. >> greg: you say you would -- >> eric: executive order. >> bob: no, no, no. that is not right. >> greg: maybe not. use piers morgan he hinders progress by smearing all gun owners and gun owner goes wait, so i'm somehow evil. i don't trust you. that is the problem. we all don't want crazy people with guns and the people who commit the guns are crazy. that is why you have websites like gawker who go and print names of people who own guns in new york. the reason for doing it is, i'll use their word, a-holes. the reason why -- >> eric: crazy. >> greg: crazy a-holes. that are the people that own guns. on september 7, gawker published another article in which they argued that
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pedophilia is a sexual orientation. they said it deserves sympathy and sounded like penthouse record the way they describe the attack. gun owner is more dangerous to the american public than person who molests children. and if you read the gawker piece yesterday where they exposed gun owners where they live, they link the police department to race,be to other corruption. when they got death threats who did they call? they called the new york police department to protect them. stupid. >> bob: do you need more time? >> greg: i'm always the last guy to talk. >> eric: gawker called people crazy a-holes who own guns legally in new york city. we thought we'd point out who runs gawker, the founder of gawker, nick denton. greg you may know him as well. there he is.
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nick denton. here is his phone number. you can reach nick at coronik if you're really ticked off. you know what? nick, i'm going to call you later on today. >> dana: can i get kimberly in here? i want to talk about politico reporting that the white house now, this is the priority, they want to get it done. bob is right. time is of the essence for them, that they think. however, paul bedard today reports at the justice department, weapons prosecutions are down by 40%. in the first term of the obama administration. so if you want to show a priority when you are guiding a justice department does it show priority? >> kimberly: no, it doesn't. then it points out the hypocrisy of the administration. they say how bad? all the fun owners, et cetera. stigmatize them at the same time, they made at it low priority to prosecution gun crime. so, what kind of consistency is that? there is none there. as a matter of fact. then we'll see further
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circumvention when i believe the president will go by way of executive order, circumvent the american people and october on himself. he feel he is has a mandate, he was re-elected and there is no accountability. davis how effective can executive order be if most gun law is state and local based how effective is executive order overturned by the next president? >> bob: good point. every president used executive orders for their political philosophy when they don't think they get it through congress. they are not against people who own guns. third, give a break here to see what biden says there. may be more to this than just a assault weapons been a. maybe there is a more comprehensive view. give him that much time -- >> dana: we are. >> bob: you talk about the hypocrisy. >> kimberly: i was asking specific question about the gun prosecution. it answered it as well.
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thank you very much. >> greg: i agree with bob. they have to address the mental health issue or it's pointless. meet with the entertainment industry, if you could put a film maker in jail overfn of miles away shod you imprison filmmakers and video game makers in hollywood for encouraging massacres and violence in your own country? i say no. i don't believe filmmakers should be in jail. >> bob: who leaked the video? >> eric: this morning i had a twitter conversation going back and forth with mayor of new york corey booker. fantastic. i asked him out. saying i'd like to know where you are. he has a lot of homicides. he said bolling, go to the piece he wrote in december. it went there. he has a sensible approach. he talks about background check but also mental health agendas and beef it up. go to twitter, facebook or
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corey booker. we'll go back and forth on this. i talk to him. we'll continue to dialogue. good to have someone who is responsible for the murders in his own city weigh in on it. fantastic. >> bob: not responsible for the murder. >> eric: no responsible for dealing with it. >> kimberly: i like him. >> dana: this white house, maybe they have met with the mental health experts and things but what they publicized is the entertainment industry, the video game makers and then the nra. the one in common for the past year for three mass shootings that are here off the top of my head, all of those had mothers who were later expressing or earlier in the sandy hook case expressing concern about their child. why do you think we haven't heard more about that? that is what we initially talked about and now it changed to talk about assault weapons. >> kimberly: it's sad. we were talking about how to protect the children and make
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schools about education and learning, enriching experienc experience. >> dana: now moms worried about their kids and snatch it up before it happened. there was a report from the aurora, colorado, shooter spent three days before, june 29, july 1 and july 11 gone to the movie theater and taken photographs and had on the computer to the interior and back doors. of a criminal mind. we should be able to catch people before they act. >> greg: you are talking about the individual guilty of the crime. modern era of absolves people. gun control is a weird way parallels benghazi to blame a video on the death of four americans. rather than the lack of security. there was no security in benghazi. there was no security. the gun free zone when the violence happened. we blame object and nev blame the evil. or the dangerous person.
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>> bob: there is an emotional push to lay blame on groups. not as much as the people who do the shooting. >> eric: you blame the worst people. you blame the gun. >> bob: i'm saying there were fewer of them and there may be fewer shootings. you don't agree with that. i understand that. that is what i believe. >> dana: governor cuomo in the state of the state, governor of new york, he focused on gun control. we don't have time for sound bite. but what do you think about this? three weeks ago it probably wasn't in the state of the state. now it is. do you think it has anything to do with going forward? >> kimberly: absolutely. no coincidence whatsoever. it's timely and something he knows, he would have to do this. political aspirations going forward this is the right move to make. makes sense to me. >> bob: he did put mental
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health as part of the state of state. >> eric: thankfully, so did corey booker as part of his. here is where we are. >> kimberly: he is running. count on it. >> eric: we are pushing, or president obama since being re-elected pushed to legalize drugs and pushed legalizing jumping the border and pushed for making the gun i use to protect my family and property more difficult, or almost illegal. >> dana: priority wise one thing they have done is said they are not going after small amounts of dope, whatever. i don't know a lot about drugs. other people do, we can do a segment later. all right. moving on. coming up, al gore's former employees at current tv are not very happy with the former vice president after he sold the network al-jazeera and pocketed $100 million. greg is going to explain why when we come right back. ♪ ♪ with the spark cash card from capital one,
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♪ ♪ >> greg: tell me about it. according to angry current tv
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staffers al gore sold out when he sold the network to al-jazeera. according to the "new york post," paper owned by the parent company, evil, awesol rich people from space, the current staff is weeppy. one employee said you are supposed to be the face of clean energy and sold to big oil. current never even took big oil advertising, add weg did stories on the tax code and he sells the network before the tax code kicks in. does this response sound familiar to you? remember on twitter when obama supporters saw the paychecks shrink or the noise heard from the french when they saw new high taxes drive earners abroad? sound heard when reality bumrushes the previously held conclusions. knock it off. real convenient truth gore knows a group deal trumps naive grouppys. if it were cheney, they would ask questions. so it's great to be a lib,
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because media allows for transgression because you're in. racism is wrong, unless you're a libval. it lens and hatred is wrong unless you're a lib. hypocrisy and lies are wrong, unless you are a lib. al gore did what he had to make profit, which is fine. encourage it to everyone. he sold the company to company whose value reflected his. oil company. oil is great for massage. the whole thing was built to get to a massage joke. eric, how does it jive with gore's life mission, which is to save the earth? >> eric: the self-described inventor of the internet. on one hand, businessman doing everything he can to make a lot of money. some people do. but he wrote the book. he attacks big oil. he attacks fossil fuels and then sells out to them. it's more hypocrite tall than
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dick cheney doing business with halliburton. >> dana: we wasn't connected to halliburton. >> eric: al gore is connected with perkins, i believe, venture capital firm who happened to be at the receiving end of a whole lot of green energy. loans and grants, via the images department. >> dana: stimulus. >> eric: and stimulus. you can tie it up, certainly. can you make a leap and say pay back? whose knows? not sure. >> greg: couldn't al argue the money i made i'm going to use to help the planet? >> bob: no. i think he will. a fair conclusion to say there is hypocrisy here. he owns one fifth of this channel. network. his partner is joel hyatt i know, one on the nastiest businessmen i know. >> dana: why did gore has him as a partner if the first
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place then? ah-ha. >> bob: he needs money. i don't absolve gore of everything but if you have five people around the table and that much money is there you get a big overwhelming vote. >> kimberly: good point. bob was extremely reasonable. let's mak take a moment. i'll call on myself. what do you think of a gore? he is quite nice and to believe deal with. >> greg: did he hit on you? >> kimberly: he did not. as a matter of fact he was a total gentleman. i know his daughters and the grand kids. i don't agree on the energy policy or view on global warming. >> dana: my favorite day was he came to washington to give a huge global warming speech and the coldest day of the decade. >> eric: they canceled it, didn't they? >> dana: i don't remember. but that was a great headline. i remember one time hearing bill kristol talk about leaders in washington he said at some point they will always
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disappoint you. that is what happened to these guys. staff learned capitalism is a -- starts with a "b." rhymes with "witch." >> kimberly: he should have sold it for this money. entrepreneur. he had an idea -- >> dana: he didn't need $100 million. he didn't have the sell it to al-jazeera. >> kimberly: i agree but it's inconsistent with the philosophy of the democratic party and liberals but guess what? he cashed in. >> bob: paid $500 million for this. >> eric: they paid that because al gore's fame was attached to it. it gives him more swagger. then inadvertently he made fox business network and fox news channel more valuable by doing that. >> dana: good. we should thank him. >> greg: "washington post" and fox news, the media given him the pass. >> bob: mother teresa would haven't turned this deal down. >> kimberly: that is my point. >> dana: she would have given it away.
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>> bob: but she would haven't turned the deal down. democrat is what i'm saying. go for business. free market. >> bob: rah-rah. >> greg: going to keep talking? >> bob: are you going to get out of here? >> greg: yes. coming up, did lance armstrong investigate people who made doping accusation against him? have you check your kid's homework lately? i haven't. one teacher is sharing the welt. lessowelt -- sharing the wealth. lesson about mathematics. eric has the amazing story next. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep.
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common side fects are headache, nausea, and fatigue. so if you suffer from middle-of-the-night insomnia, ask your docto about intermezzo and return to sleep again. ♪
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>> eric: our kids are our most important asset so when someone messes with them, we get mad. really mad. when educators do the same to our kids it makes us go bananas. like the virginia school had the 8-year-old singing "now i'm part of the 99%." who can forget this crazy one? >> everybody, let's sing it together. all right. i like that. >> one, two, three. >> eric: even worse is the way textbooks push the liberal agenda. take for example,be scholastic books that call themselves the world's leading publisher of
2:28 am
children's books so it's likely that your kid is learning from one of the textbook. check out the wording of that algebra lesson. get this. which camera? number six? distribute the wealth. distribute the property of addition and multiplication. through grades three through six. distribute the wealth with a lovely rich girl with a big bag of money. you to read your kid's textbooks and find out what is taught. if you see a bias, explain it to your kids and tell your teachers you're on it. kimberly? >> kimberly: this isn't that easy. >> bob: exactly right. >> eric: did you read, do you read ronan's textbooks? >> kimberly: yes. but he doesn't have any textbooks. he is in kindergarten. so he has little work sheets and cute stuff. every night he gets homework. every night i do it with him and go through the little sheets. so far, so good. we're on high alert, especially after this. inappropriateness.
2:29 am
barack huessein obama. mmmm, mmm, mmm. >> bob: i read my kids for the three first years and then i didn't understand it. it could don't this. third to six grade. are you kidding he? do this! >> dana: you're good at numbers. >> bob: one thing i will say about this. we have five examples here. teachers doing things you don't like. there are three plus million public school teachers in america. i don't want to leave the impression they're all doing this. >> eric: i don't mean to make that impression. but they say sing this song or say let's write --be >> dana: they bought this. why would a third grader think distribute the wealth is interesting? the sub head is understand the distributive property. third graders. >> bob: i don't understand what it is. >> dana: i asked a friend
2:30 am
about this today. she has three kids. 13, 11, 7. she sent me something that was interesting good example i didn't tell you about before, bob. it's really funny. in washington, d.c., they can't celebrate thanksgiving anymore. they're not saying don't celebrate thanksgiving but they want people to be more sensitive. as part of the effort, "we do not permit students to role play cowboys and indians because the historic enemy of indians were not cowboys but the government." there is a letter here to parents and for thanksgiving consider giving a multicultural book about native americans to other groups. >> kimberly: political indoctrination. i would put an "x" through it and say no you don't. send it back to the teacher. my third husband will be good in math. >> eric: distribute the wealth. through the whole educational experience they can continue to get indoctrinated. even through college and -- >> bob: how do you know
2:31 am
that? >> greg: everybody has anecdotal evidence. of this. the only way leftism survives is through indoctrination. number one reality is -- you have to get them young. perfect for kids. the logic is child's play. share you stuff. but you don't realize that you have to create wealth to make what you share. kids don't see the parents, they don't follow that with their parents. neither do the left wing economists. a lot of this comes from the teachers. they get the news from huffington post. >> dana: this is probably written by ows graduate stunt. >> bob: we built the segment of the show around this thing. i could go out tomorrow and come up with 100 examples of teachers that don't do this. >> kimberly: that wasn't the point. >> bob: a lot of textbooks
2:32 am
that are just fine. >> greg: you must see them all the time. >> bob: read them every day. >> eric: read the history books. the reason i say that, a couple years ago, my son's history book, were addressing the war in iraq. they were very, very liberally biased saying that george bush went in there. he heard there were weapons of mass destruction, never found. liberal bias. >> greg: there are some teachers say if you question the global warming they think you are an idiot. >> bob: you gave two examples of things right. >> eric: all right. look at your kid's textbooks tonight and if you see anything sketchy. send it to us. >> bob: send it to eric. >> eric: she stole the show at monday night's championship game after espn's brent
2:33 am
musberger went there and there and there. the beauty queen is responding to musburger public notice. the reaction may surprise you. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: who is that? >> kimberly: mary poppins.
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>> bob: pop off, mary. >> kimberly: that is so mean, bob. >> bob: it wasn't a good song. you get jazz songs and i get mary poppins 20. 13 flu season arrived with a vengeance. 41 states battling outbreaks right now, hospital and doctor office flooded with patients. at least 18 children have die died. how people around the table got flu shots? i did a month ago. >> dana: i got one on sunday because of greg. >> kimberly: he made everyone sick. i think i have it already. >> greg: after having the flu for two weeks i got one. a fighter of me to get it at the dr. seigel office. afterwards in the waiting room, this is what i saw. which made no sense to me whatsoever. what gong and an arm-wagon and arm hanging out of it. this is in his office. it's demonstration model for neurology. good news is i have a date
2:51 am
friday night. i don't think they should do regular inauk nations. they should make it like wild kingdom. >> bob: i don't think you take it after you get it. should school and companies force people to take flu shots before going to work or school? >> it's ridiculous to force a child to taken a flu shot. >> eric: if you feel sick go home. >> dana: but by the time you feel sick you have already give it to me. i'm of such pure mind and spirit i have been able to ward it off. >> kimberly: what does that say about me? i got it right away. >> greg: i had to share an
2:52 am
equipment truck with you. >> bob: when my kids were in school they came home with everything and i got it. >> eric: aren't we healthier society when we contract flu, fight it off and build up antibodies. >> dana: but if you get the flu you're less productive. >> eric: i didn't say require you to take a flu shot. they can't inject you with it. >> dana: every mom i asked today said they were against requiring students and the kids from having to get the
2:53 am
flu shot. >> kimberly: i didn't give it to ronan. he's six. and patty ann's husband didn't tell him to get it. >> eric: imagine if a kid got the flu, he is not going to school anyway. >> greg: he has given the germs away before he started to -- >> bob: most dangerous place for germs is hospitals. i was a patient and they sent me home. >> kimberly: they sent you home with a nice nurse. >> bob: they did. one more thing is next. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: welcome back to "thursday night showcase." time now for one more thing. we're not going start with you, greg. you're last. eric? >> eric: kind of a hard story for me to talk about. here, over the weekend, there was a group called 100 plus abandoned dogs of the everglades. the founder or one of the people who run the foundation is amy ronin. they go in the ever glades and save dog. people who don't want the dog
2:58 am
or cats go in and leave the animals to die, in some cases they get bit by snakes and die. they rescued 23 dogs over the weekend. if you have an animal that you don't want, bring it to a shelter. number two, if you have room, rescue an animal, florida, or -- >> greg: who rescues the snakes? >> eric: they stay there. >> dana: i saw a snake on fox and friends. scary. i'm going to go next. i found out about the story, max park who is a young boy, he has autism. he wanted to, went to a rubix cube competition. he wanted to watch it but he is amazing at it. watch this. >> beating them bay minute. >> division title and placeded him among the best 100 players in the world. >> some of the kids were like
2:59 am
college age kids. wait a second. really? that was a surprise. >> dana: go. i had a 3 x 3. he had a 6 x 6 one. >> greg: you used to live in one, right? >> dana: you're still not going. kimberly. >> kimberly: this is a great story. red robin restaurants does act of kindness. one gave a pregnant woman discount on the meal. on the receipt, they do the mom 2 be, good luck. minus 11.50. i love a discount. >> kimberly: that is sexist. it can't get pregnant. >> bob: for the global warming deniers, 2012 was the hottest year on record. >> greg: lies! united states, not the world. >> bob: don't interrupt me. >> greg: you can't do this. global warming is not the united states warn


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